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Expect the unexpected [oneshot] 
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Post Expect the unexpected [oneshot]
ATENş¢IE: Am decis săƒ-mi postez a doua încercare într-ale scrisului de poveşŸti în englezムxD Dar de data asta, am sムpostez doar acest one-shot, în speranţa cムexistムcineva pe aici care doreşŸte sムciteascムşŸi în englezムsau este fan al trupei Infinite. Ultima parte nu e necesar oblicatorie ^^ Poţi sムnu şŸtii o boabムdespre ei, atâta timp cât şŸtii englezムxD
Dacムaveţi nelăƒmuriri/păƒreri/comentarii, v-aşŸ ruga sムle postaţi aici! ^^
Enjoy *-*

Expect the Unexpected [oneshot]
by Alyss


One day, our lovely members started to get suspicious about their other member, L. He started to act all weird. He smiles everytime his phone rings and talks with someone for hours. What are his members wondering now? What the hell happened with the cold, mysterious Myungsoo that they knew for 2 years?! Who's the boy/girl/animal he's talking on the phone every freaking hour?! Okey, let's start our investigations!

Annyeong, everyone! It's me the invisible/silent reader who finally decided to start her career as an author. I was a noob [and I'm still one] when I wrote this oneshot and this happened last summer when I was on a trip with my family. While we were on the car I got so bored that I took my phone out and I started to type some ideas. After a while I saw how these ideas turned into a story and I kind of like it. But I have to admit that this fanfic is so damn cliche. I bet that this idea was used in other stories too. So don't blame me if it sounds like one of your stories! ^ ^
I love graphics and I made this lovely poster myself :D *Cheerz for me!~* Also, I don't own the images used.

Finally, sorry for the bad grammer XD English is not my main language~

Enjoy ^ ^~

It all started with a phone call...

It was afternoon and after they finished their schedule, our Infinites, - minus L - who was on the room he shared with Dongwoo, were slacking on the floor, waiting for their manager-hyung to gave them some freedom.

“Okay, so what should we-“ wanted leader Gyu to say when one ringtone stopped him.

“Whose phone is that?” asked their leader, eyeing Woohyun and Sungjong in the same time.

“Hey don't give me that look, it's not mine,” said Woohyun trying to protect himself “that's f(x)'s Hot Summer, my ringtone is APink, I don't know , if you're interested” he continued proudly.

After a silent moment, someone answered the phone, leaving the members speechless.

“Yeobosseyo?” answered L a little bit embarrassed about the ringtone. It wasn't his fault that she won that bet, and not him.

“Myungsoo-ah!” said the feminine voice from the other side. Talking about the wolf, thought L.

“Yah! How many times do I have to tell you to call me oppa?! I'm older than you!”

“Yea, by a year...”she said.

“Anyway, what's the request this time” asked L trying to play cool he was secretly smiling like an idiot.

“Eh? Why do you suddenly think that I'm going to ask for something?” she tried to get in the game, “Ya know that two people can play this game”
L always liked to see her laughing, this thing made his day.

“So, you're going to ask me to help you, to get revenge on your ex-boyfriend, right?”

“Wha- how did you know?! Do you, by any chance, read people's minds?” she stated.

“Well, let's say that our conversation from yesterday helped me guess what you had in mind” he said while giving his usual smirk.

“Well, it's not my fault! That bastard broke up with me without any reason. It's so stupid, someone even told me that he has a kid with that girl already.”

“Yea I kno- what?! A kid?! Are you sure?” he asked a little bit surprised by the sudden thing that came from her mouth.

“Well, I'm not that sure, since those all are just rumors.” she said in a sad tone.

“Okay…” he gave up.

“Huh?? You are going to help me? For real?!” the hyper voice said.

“Yup. I'm going to help you since I have some free time and nothing better to do.”

“Uwwwaaahhh! Oppa, Mira loves you!” she tried to use aegyo on him, but instead she received:

“Baby girl, oppa loves you too! Then it's a date. See you at the usual spot.”

L continued to discuss the details about their date. Meanwhile, the other member recovered from the sock and started to talk, quietly like they were planning some secret strategy.

“Baby girl? Then, Myungsoo got a girlfriend and no one from us knew about it?!” their leader asked surprised, but a little bit sad that his friend didn't want to tell him about his personal life.

“ZOMG!' said Sungjong in a very high pitched voice “that means only one thing! L is cheating on Sungyeol with someone. Hyung, Ithoughtyou loved each other!” for saying that Sungjong received a punch right on his head.

“Ouch! What was that for?!”

“Because you're an idiot! L would never cheat on me!” Sungyeol said proudly, while putting all his trust in what he just said.

But then the door of their room opened revealing a really dress up L.

“Hey, guys! What are you doing?” he said smiling, since he was in a very good mood.

“Nothing.” they all answered in the same moment.

“Okay, then I'll be out for a while.”

“Hey, Myungsoo-ah, where are you going?” Dongwoo made courage to ask him.

“” he said after he left their dormitory.

Sunggyu didn't know what to say, his mood changed suddenly. Seeing that, Woohyun tried to comfort him. Hoya didn't pay them too much attention since he knew right from the start that something like this was going to happen. Dongwoo was in a happy mood; who knows? Maybe the date will make L really tired so he won't come home till morning so Dongwoo could have the whole room just for himself. Sungyeol's jaw dropped when he heard L.

“Haha! Told ya!” Sungjong was the only one happy while his hyungs were feeling miserable, like they failed as friends for L.

“So, are we going to follow him or what?” Hoya said suddenly. No one expected to hear this coming from him.

“I know that it sounds strange, but at least he could have told us that he was dating someone, we knew each other for more than one year already.” he continued.

“Hoya, you're incredible!”Sunggyu said.

“I am?!” “He is what?!” the others were surprised expect Dongwoo who knew how great his best friend is.

While they were planning things out, L already met with Mira, who was dressed in a really cute navy skirt together with a top and a cute jacket.

“Myungsoo-ah!” she approached him and hugged him. He answered to her hug and whispered to her ear: “So, when does our date start?”

“Hehe, right now! I saw the scumbag right across the street, at that cafe. He's with his new girl, and I think that she looks a lot much older than me”

“Wow. That says a lot since you don't look your age... I mean you look more mature to me, than other girls. Maybe he's dating an ajumma.” he tried to make her forget about the bad thing.

“You're right. I don't know how you do it, but every time you can change my mood so much. I should thank you for this.”she smiled and gave him a wink.

“Then, let's go to that coffee and buy me something good to eat.” he said while pointing to the same café where 'he' was in.

They continued their way to the café, without even noticing that a lot pairs of eyes were watching them right now.

They entered the café and Mira saw the too-mature girl alone at the table.

“I'm going to order a frappe and a short cake. Do you want something too, Mira?”

“Oh, yeah. I also want a frappe and a strawberry short cake.” she said a little bit surprised when he asked her. Also, she told him that she is going to pay but when she reached for her bag, L stopped her.

“Earlier, I was just kidding. How can I make a girl pay for me, really. A gentleman like me can't do something like this.”

It was just too hilarious for Mira to see Myungsoo acting like that. She knew him for a long time, and when it comes to acting, L is really the best. He can act like a mysterious bastard when he worries for someone, that's why he gets misunderstood sometimes for being a cold guy.
Just right then, our other not-so-important character cames in the picture.

“Mira?! It's that you? What are you doing here?” Chunji continued to ask her.

“Do I have to ask for your permissions to come at this café? Wow, I didn't know that you own the place.” she tried to be sarcastically, when she really didn't want to answer his questions at all. Let's face it! He was a douche bag for cheating on her, and now he was bombarding her with those kinds of things. They already broke up; everyone was on their own path, why would he care about what she was doing. Mira tried to hold her tears and anger, but just in time, our hero, L, made his appearance.

“Did I make you wait too much, sweetheart?” L said so sweet to Mira, that every fan girl could go and melt in one second. She figured out that the acting game just started.

“That's not true, Myungsoo-oppa! You're such a sweet and caring boyfriend.”

“You never called me oppa when we were together?!”

She then looked at Chunji, who just forgot about his date and was now complaining to Mira for the things that she didn't do with him. Just the Chunji figured out.

“Hey, you are L from Infinite!” our Chunji just resolved this dilemma. Mira just rolled her eyes and corrected him.

“He is hyung for you!”

“Pfff, as if I'll do as you tell me. I can call him whatever name I want.”

“You know that right now you are really pathetic?” Myungsoo told Chunji without even looking at him.

Chunji's jaw dropped on the floor and Mira couldn't hold herself from laughing.

“Way to go, oppa” she whispered into L's ear and he smirked, while giving her a hi-five. Of course, Chunji misunderstood the whole thing and he was now jealous without a reason. To make things even bad for him, Mira suggested something:

“Why don't we all go to that amusement theme park that just opened last week? Let's have a double date. What do you think oppa?”

“You're talking with me?” Chunji started to smile thinking that she wants him back.

“She was clearly talking with, idiot!” Myungsoo said sarcastically. 'Of course we can go, babe'

“Then let's go!” Chunji wanted to keep his cool... But?

“Chunji-ah, did you forgot about me?!” a high pitched voice said. Even Sungjong's scream was cuter than her voice.

“No, of course not! How could I forget about you noona?!!” he tried to tell her a lie, about how could he forget such a beautiful woman. Then, Mira thought: So I was right that he left me for this older slut.

“Let's finish our cake first and we'll go after? What do you thing, babe?”

“Whatever you want, sweety!~” Mira played her role as a professionist.

After they finished their sweet dessert they left the café and went to the amusement park, without knowing that those pairs of eyes were still after them.

“I can't believe that Myungsoo has a girlfriend!” Sunggyu and Sungyeol said in unison.

“I can't believe that he has a double date with Chunji! Didn't they dislike each other?” Woohyun asked still confused.

“C'mon, hyungs! They are getting away! We must catch up with them or we'll lose them.”

The happy couple aka Mira and Myungsoo was having fun on their little acting game that they didn't notice that they were followed or that Chunji was glaring at them. After all this fun they had, Mira got thirsty and L offered to buy her something to drink. She went to sit on a bench and Chunji followed her while his noona-girlfriend went to bathroom.

“Finally, we get to spent some time alone.” he said with a smirk.

“And why would I like to be alone with you?!” Mira said angrily, getting up from the bench. As she tried to leave, Chunji caught her wrist and hold it tight.
“It hurts! Let me go or I'm going to scream!” she threatened him.

“And you think I'm stupid enough to let you scream? Haha, you are so wrong!”

He started to pull her closer to him so he could kiss her. She was trying to escape from his grip, but who would have thought that Chunji was so strong. But like in every story, the hero comes just in time to save the girl. Myungsoo pulled Chunji off Mira and wanted to punch him so badly, but he didn't want to ruin his face, since he knew how important the face for an idol is.

“You aren't even worth my time.” Myungsoo said looking down on Chunji, who was now trying to get up from the ground.

“Myungsoo! What the heck are you doing?!” leader Gyu could stay silent when he saw how his fellow member was about to start a fight with another idol.

“Hyung?! What are you all doing here?!”

“I should be the one asking questions here. What do you think the fans will do when they'll hear that MyungYeol isn't REAL?!” Sungyeol asked more worried about the couple thingy.

“Who cares about that fake couple?! I want to know who this pretty noona is!” Sungjong asked really happy that he doesn't have to hide anymore, but Sungyeol wasn't too happy that no one was listening to him so he just discarded his anger on poor Sungjonggie. They started to complain and eventually started to yell at each other. Mira was speechless. She didn't know that L has to go through this every single day so she asked silently.
“Are they always like this?”

“I wonder that too, but I know them for too much time, so I bet I don't notice this. They are nice, usually. I don't know what happened with them.” L said confused.

“Yah! Myungsoo-yah! You have to answer some questions here!” the leader demanded. As they started to put questions, no one noticed Niel and Ricky who were passing by and took Chunji with them.

“Hyung, you tried to be manly in L-hyung's face! You didn't stand a chance! Why you done that?” hyper Ricky asked, but Chunji ignored him.

“You have to agree that it was pretty hilarious!” Niel said why holding his laughter.

“Oh, noona passed by and told us that she went home and that she doesn't want to hear anything about you from now on” Ricky said with an innocent smile on his face. Now, Chunji's life turned from bad to worst.

But, let's go back to our Infinites!

“So, tell us already who she is so we can go home. I'm hungry!” Dongwoo complained.

“I guess it's time for our little game to end.” L said while smiling.

“But it was so much fun!” Mira pouted.

“Anyway, let's get this over!” L sighed and continued “Guys, she is Park Mira. My one and only...” he made a very dramatic pause and everyone thought that the next word would be 'girlfriend' but:
“One and only cousin from Busan who moved to Seoul!”

“WHAAAT?!” their jaws dropped expect for Hoya's, who already knew about all this acting game, but wanted to still have some fun with his friends.

“Nice to meet you too, Infinite boys!” she said with a smile.

“So cute” they all said in unison.

“Hey hey hey! She's still my cousin so get your eyes off her.”

“This means only one thing!” Sungyeol said happily

“What now?” L asked curious.

“Myungsoo didn't cheat on me! MyungYeol is still REAL!!” Sungyeol said while he jumped to kiss Myungsoo.

“Yaaah! Get off me! I have an image to protect!” L tried to get Sungyeol off him when he saw that Mira was laughing at him with all her heart.

“You think this is funny?! Wait till I get my hands on you” he threatened her.

“Oh nooos!” she started to run from her cousin as if he was a really bad guy.

“Sunggyu-ah! Come back! Serious now!”Woohyun tried to wake him up to reality but Sunggyu was still socked.




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Post Re: Expect the unexpected [oneshot]
O doamneeee, deci MI-A PLă‚CUT AL NAIBII DE TARE!! Totul păƒrea atât de fairplay şŸi romantic, iar Hoya care şŸtia totul dinainte, uwaahhh:)). şži eu care credeam cムL o place pe tipa aia şŸi d-aia a vrut săƒ-i facムjocul şŸi îmi imaginam cムpe la final o sムajungムîmrepunムceva...Mムrog...Me and my expections...Whatever. Când a zis "COUSIN" eram ceva gen: DAFAQ?! NO WAY! şži dupムam început sムrâd sarcasticムgândindu-mムce naivムam fost:)). Bravo bravoo, Alyss, cred cムdupムce termin cu idioţenia asta de Cambridge îmi încep şŸi eu fan-ficul. :d *daaa, ăƒla de care ţi-am zis acum 2 LUNI?!*

Enemy, familiar friend... My beggining and my end... Whispering lies... And it hurts again.

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Post Re: Expect the unexpected [oneshot]
OMG! Cora, lurve you so much! ; A ; Nu mムgândeam cムcineva va citi this shiz >w< *come here and let me squeeze you to death aka hug you*
Da, de obicei, ador imprevizibilul şŸi de aceea l-am şŸi folosit aici xD Haha, da, mereu am impresia cムHoya şŸtie cam totul :)) Poate l-am făƒcut prea deşŸtept? Cine şŸtie xD Din câte am auzit, cicムDongwoo e adevăƒratul geniu din Infinite *oh, my*
MULT゠BAFT゠LA EXAMEN!! <3 Alyss îţi ţine pumnii strânşŸi, don't worry! ^___^

Mai am o asemenea poveste cu Infinite, oare sムo postez? :/
*mulţumesc încムo datムcムte-ai desprins din treaba ta şŸi am citit asta ; A ; mムbucur atât de tare ~ you can't even imagine >w<*



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Post Re: Expect the unexpected [oneshot]
You know that you are always welcome >:d<. Sper sムfie bine mâine cムaltfel suuunt moooaaaaartăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒăƒ. Mi-e fricムde mooor. :)).Dap, ar trebui sムîl postezi chiar sunt curioasムideile tale sunt geniale. :d şži Hoya nu e niciodatムPREA deşŸtept :x.

Enemy, familiar friend... My beggining and my end... Whispering lies... And it hurts again.

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Post Re: Expect the unexpected [oneshot]
Cuuuteee fiction! Btw you're surprisingly good in english writting! Only few spelling mistakes but you're great! Not many can be proud with such a thing! Its huuugeee thing! Keep up the good work! :ymhug: :D



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Post Re: Expect the unexpected [oneshot]
Sankyyuuu! I'm trying my best *haha* Even though I fail at it sometimes xD
Ufff, your sweet and kind comment convinced me to post my new work :]]

Sper cムceilalți nu vor considera coversația noastrムawkward doar pentru cムe engrish *kekeke~*



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Post Re: Expect the unexpected [oneshot]
nu chiar lunga

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