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Sorry, I'm not a Cover Girl 
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Post Sorry, I'm not a Cover Girl
ATENş¢IE: Acest fanfiction este în englezăƒ. Dacムaveţi timpul şŸi răƒbdarea necesarムv-aşŸ ruga săƒ-l citiţi... nu vムia mai mult de 10 minute ^^ De aceastムdatăƒ, voi posta cel de-al doilea fanfic cu Infinite, de data aceasta având în prim-plan un alt membru ^^ Uneori mムbate gândul sムscriu câte o poveste despre fiecare dintre ei şŸi sunt sigurムcムm-aşŸ descurca, mai puţin la partea în care trebuie sムscriu despre membrul meu preferat aka Hoya OTL Pur şŸi simplu nu pot scrie despre ceea ce îmi place cu adevăƒrat. Tagic. ; u ;
Acest fanfiction este compus din trei capitole! Poveste inspiratムde => Cover girl

Sorry, I'm not a Cover Girl [three-shot]
by Alyss


What will she do? He simply broke her heart and didn't give her any explination.
Was she able to move on? At first, no. She decided to hide her true self by forgeting the meaning of the word "pretty".
It's only his fault... I'm never going to be pretty for anyone! Eun Mi blamed a certain person.
"Sorry, I don't like ugly girls."


A/N: Firstly let me explain the usage of the term 'Cover Girl' in this story. I tried to talk about these girls who wear too much makeup... these kind of easy girls. With other words cover girl = bitch with too much makeup nothing good; I dunno why Infinite was singing about this kind of girl... especially there were some lyrics that caught my attention: "You are my angel, my only cover girl" and "I only need one, I only need one (please remember)"

I dunno if this song has a double meaning, like they got cheated on by a cover girl or they love a cover girl that broke their heart or the cover girl is the type of girl they like x___x aish, so freking complicated. Anyway, hope that you understood ^^

CHAPTER 1: The Beginning

Highschool. That period of time when you do the most craziest things ever. You fall in love, gossip with your best friend about the new pretty boy from the next class or just have fun while getting to know new people. That's what Eun Mi thought at first too. But who would have knew that she'll end up dressing and looking like a nerd? Well, she didn't know it herself either.

It's only his fault... I'm never going to be pretty for anyone! Eun Mi blamed a certain person.

Back then, when she was in Junior High she was the natural beauty of her school. Not even the queenkas could stand a chance in front of her. And she knew it. Her beauty wasn't only on the exterior, but on interior too. She didn't like to brag on about makeup and girly things because she wasn't into them. But then he appeared! It was their last year of Junior High and a new guy transfered in her class.

"Can you come in, Mr. Nam?" Mr. Kim asked and then a very shy guy appeared. The girls were so disappointed! He looked like a nerd with that kind of big spectacles.

"Please, introduce yourself in front of the class!" their teacher tried to encourage him.

"I-... My name is ...Nam Woohyun." he whispered and lowered his head in something that looked like a bow.

"Okay, class! Be good with your new classmate and help him integrate in this colective! Now, let's find a place for you to sit down."

The teacher scanned the whole class and his eyes landed on Eun Mi.

"I found the right spot for you. Miss Lee, please put your hand up~"

"Me?!" Eun Mi said surprised as she pointed at herself.

"Yes! Starting today your new deskmate will be Woohyun!"

"But-but... Sungjong is already sitting here!" she said while looking with her puppy eyes at him trying to say 'please, do something!'.

Sungjong whispered to her: 'Don't worry I'm not going to let you down! We're friends'

"This is not a problem! Mr. Lee please move on the 3rd desk with Miss Kim Hyuna."

When Sungjong heard Hyuna's name he jumped from his sit in one instance. Eun Mi didn't complain. She knew the fact that Jonggie had a crush on Hyuna since that dance contest where she showed off her dancing skills.

"Okay! I give up!" she said with a lower voice so that no one could hear her.
Woohyun approched the desk and sat next to her. She didn't know why suddenly her heart started to beat faster.

"What's going on? I don't have a heart condition, so what's wrong with me?" she asked herself.

She never realized that she was falling in love with the nerd, untill she found out about her real feelings for him. But then, that day finally arrived. The one when she'll confess to him.
If you would ask her now, it was her worst day ever. Waiting for him to appair at school's garden was taking a lot.
And when he finally decided to show up, guess what? He rejected her like this:
"Sorry, I don't like ugly girls."

Thinking again at that incident gave her headaches. Because of her stupid crush for that nerd she gave up being pretty.[/align]

AşŸtept cel puţin un comentariu ca sムpot posta şŸi celelalte douムcapitole xD Ar arăƒta mult prea încăƒrcat dacムle-aşŸ pune pe toate 3 de-o datム:/



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Post Re: Sorry, I'm not a Cover Girl
Goshh pune-l repede pe urmăƒtoooruul!!! Ce ciudatムa fost chestia aia, se considera o fatムfoarte frumoasムşŸi sムvinムun "nerd" sムîi zicăƒ: "şžtii, scuze nu-mi plac fetele urâte":)).

Enemy, familiar friend... My beggining and my end... Whispering lies... And it hurts again.

Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:06 am

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Post Re: Sorry, I'm not a Cover Girl
HAHAHA XDD şžtiu, e ca şŸi cum tot moralul tăƒu e la păƒmânt dintr-o datăƒ... That bish... -___-

[align=center]CHAPTER 2: Exchanged roles

While walking down on the hallway,Eun Mi heard how a bunch of girls started to scream.
*Oh, not those idiots again!* she thought while she started to roll her eyes.

"It's them!!!"

"Wow, they look even more charming today!"

"Uwah! Sunggyu oppa has a new hair cut!"

"Sungjong, Dongwoo and Hoya, too!"

"Kyaa! Myungsoo oppa and Sungyeol oppa look so great when they are together! Did you saw that photoshoot in which they appeared?!"

"Duh! They are model after all!" one of them stated the obvious.
While she indured the squealing of those fangirls, her eyes landed on a known face.
*Oh, he still hangs around with Infinite. I can't believe I had feelings for a player like him.* Eun Mi mocked herself as she turned her back on the opposite direction. Woohyun saw her and deep inside he felt like an asshole.

*Why did I hurt you so much?*


Since that day when his eyes made contact with hers, he knew that he felt in love with Eun Mi. Back then he was the nerd and she was his beauty. When Eun Mi confessed, his heart flew to the ninth heaven yet he couldn't answer to her confession because of one little-big problem.
The doctor told him that he needs to be hospitalized during the summer holiday. The truth was that Woohyun had a weak body and things complicated when he caught a really bad cold. Woohyun couldn't bear the fact that he'll make her worried about him. He didn't want to see her heartbroken, but it was the only solution in that moment. Because of his love for Eun Mi, Woohyun kept going to the hospital regularly for 2 years and now he was healed in totality. He had more confidence so he got himself a total makeover. His greatest surprise was when he transfered to Eun Mi's new school. He hoped to see her with that cheerful and confident smile but when he asked someone about her they made a disgusted face and pointed to the nerdy girl. Woohyun's heart dropped. He knew he was at fault but he never expected to see that his answer transformed Eun Mi into this. When he got closer to her and whispered a short hello Eun Mi's attention moved from the mathematics book to him. She felt how the pain that she chained back inside her chest wanted to comeback. She was speechless. It was like their roles changed. She gave up everything so she could forget about him, yet he decided to show up again.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him coldly.

"I've came back."

"What for?" she switched her eyes back to her book.

"For you." he said sincerely.
She took a look at him but she wasn't convinced.

"Don't you think it's too late?"

"I know, but I wanted to say this. I'm sorry, I've liked you so much back then... And I like you now even more."

She felt how butterflies started to move in her stomach yet she told him something else.

"But don't you think that it will be too easy? You confess and I accept you. Boom! Everyone is happy and so on! Well, let me tell you something, Nam Woohyun.Just like you, I've also changed. I'm not that silly girl anymore. Untill you realize how much it hurts to be backstabed by the one you love I won't answer your feelings." Eun Mi said and the cold from her voice hit Woohyun straight in the heart.

With his head down he left the classroom. He decided to give up but little did he know that it wouldn't be so easy. As he befriended Infinite and become one of the kingkas, Woohyun's life changed a lot. He was venerated by all the girls and so he become a playboy. His last relationship lasted just one hour. He played with girls' hearts yet they didn't stop coming at him.
Still, this wasn't enough. All his previous girlfriends liked him only for his face and popularity. And let's not forget to add that he didn't feel anything for them. Eun Mi was still lengering in his heart.


He felt sadness everytime he remembered those things. He shook the negativist things away and he passed through his 'little' fanclub. His next class was his favorite. Why you may ask? Because: one it was Maths and second it was the only class he had in commun with her. The bell started to ring. *Shit! I'm going to be late!* he cursed as he started to run to his class.
When he entered the classroom, the only free sit was next to Eun Mi. *Strange, this brings me back some nice memories !*

"Hey! What's up?"

"Nothing." she asked shortly.

"Okay.. So, what do you think? Are you free next Saturday?" he asked a little bit cocky.
She closed her book with a bang.

"Listen here, Woohyun! I'm not one of your cover girls. I'm not a slut, I don't go clubbing and I dislike to put tones of make up on. And you want to know why? Because I don't feel like these things will help me to become pretty." she said harshly as she emphasised the word pretty.

"Eun Mi-ah! Please don't do this to me. I... I can't keep those feelings inside me anymore!"

"Then forget them!" she said nonchalantly.

"I tried! But you are my one and only love! I've liked you since that day back in Junior High! I love you so much!" he said while getting his hands in the air showing the amount.

"Ehem. I'm sorry to interrupt your speech, Mr. Woohyun, but can't you keep your grandiose confession till the break?" the teacher was right next to Woohyun, with his hands crossed to his chest.

"I... I'm sorry, Mr. Jung!" he said while bowing. The entire class started to laugh.
Eun Mi started to blush at the sudden confession. *I feel like I need to gave him a chance.* Eun Mi started to disagree with herself.

She ripped a piece of paper and she wrote a little message:
'Saturday, at the fauntain from the central park. At 12?'

She tossed the piece of paper on Woohyun's desk and continued to pay attention to the lesson. Woohyun saw the little message and just in one move he got up and yelled "Yay! Finally! YES!"

"Mr. Nam Woohyun! You'll have to stay back after classes, you have detention!"

"Haha, pabo!" Eun Mi laughed at Woohyun and he heard it. Yet, he wasn't mad - he was happy to see her laughing again.

A/N: What will happen?:D[/align]

Încムun capitol şŸi gata!



Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:35 pm
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Post Re: Sorry, I'm not a Cover Girl
Imi place :)). In primul rand pentru ca e in engleza, e o cu totul alta mancare de peste fata de fic-urile obisnuite in romana. Mi-ar fi placut insa sa vad mai multa coerenta in scris, o impletire intre naratiune si dialog, si o poveste mai detaliata, MULT MAI DETALIATA (cum s-a ajuns la iubirea aia, ce s-a intamplat cu tipul al carui nume nu-l pot retine de a ajuns un fel de gigolo al scolii etc etc.) Oricum, chiar daca e un shoujo destul de ciudat, e bine sa mai vezi si ceva diferit. Banuiesc ca in urmatorul capitol o sa fie drama... Il astept

Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:02 pm

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Post Re: Sorry, I'm not a Cover Girl
Sorry, Shirrou. Probabil nu m-am exprimat bine, dar aceastムpoveste nu e foarte longevitivăƒ. Are doar 3 capitole şŸi de aceea am concentrat-o în felul acesta. Concis şŸi la obiect xD Probabil nu aveam inspiraţie sau ceva de genul ăƒsta xD Mムbucur cムîţi plac lucrăƒrile în englezăƒ! Asta mムmotiveazムoarecum sムpostez şŸi lucrăƒrile mele mai lungi şŸi mai ample :D Ar fi o plăƒcere dacムcineva le-ar citi xD
şži iatムşŸi ultimul capitol de la aceast three-shot! ^^

[A/N: Acesta e Han River!] ^^

CHAPTER 3: The date: She brings the Boy out [FINAL]

The next day, Woohyun was waiting impatiently at the fauntain from the central park. He never imagined that he'll get to have a date with Eun Mi, after all he said.
The pain and guilt he was keeping inside could take over him, not now when he was so close to get together with the girl of his dreams. He was smiling while looking at the bouquet of roses. *She'll like it for sure.*
After a few minutes, Woohyun spotted Eun Mi coming so he quickly hide the bouquet and waved his hand at her. She didn't make a single gesture and just came next to him.

"Hey!" Woohyun said overenthusiastic.

"Hi!" she barely said.

"Aww, why the long face. Do you hate to see me that much?" he pouted.

"Yeah!" she said quickly while crossing her hands to her chest.

"Well, this will make you happier! Ta-dah!" Woohyun took out the flowers.

Eun Mi didn't look surprised. She gave out a small laugh, then rolled her eyes still with her hands crossed.

"Nam Woohyun, who do you think I am? Do you think that you can buy me with a couple of roses? Well, let me tell you something, I'm not like your other sluts." she said contifently. * I know that. And I'm not trying to do anything bad. Why can't she see the real me?*

"So where are we going today?' she broke the silence, surprising him.

"I...We should go watch a movie or take a walk. Let's start with the movie!" he decided while taking his hand out.

"Shall we go?" he asked like a gentleman.

Eun Mi just let out a small smirk.

"Don't push your luck, little playboy." she said as she passed by leaving him with his hand still hanging in the air.

They watched a movie that Woohyun chose - a romance. This was his great mistake because Eun Mi hated this kind of movies with a passion that you can't describe. Instead she liked to watch a horror or detective movie, so they spent another hour at the cinema watching a triller. When they got out of the cinema the sun was setting and a lot of couples were taking a walk on the street.

"Should we go too?" Woohyung asked without taking his eyes off her.

"Where?" she asked confused.

"To Han River! The scenery is beautiful at night! You'll see!" he said happily as he took her hand without a notice and started to run.

This thing took Eun Mi by surprise but she couldn't stop to smile at the childish Woohyun who was now dragging her to Han River.

*What a date. I never thought that the playboy him can be this cute and childish*

When they arrived there, the place was filled with more couples. This gave Eunmi and evil idea so that she could tease Woohyun a little bit more.

"So that's why you dragged me here? To make out with me like the others?" she practically yelled at him.

"T-that's not true! I would never do such a thing to the girl I lov--" he stopped when he realised what he was doing. *Confessing in such manner. This isn't going acording to my plan. I'm such a Babo!! I look so uncool!!*

"Did I heard well?" she continued to tease him.

"Yeah! And what are you going to do about it?! I've loved you since I first saw you. You were my first love! It's the second time I tell you thi--" he didn't get the chance to finish because his lips were crashed by Eun Mi's in a sweet kiss.

Woohyun was in a shock state. *W...what just happened?!* he asked himself as he started to blush madly. Eun Mi caught him by his collar so that his face could be closer to hers. His heart started to beat madly inside his chest. *What is she going to do?!*

"Do you think that I did that and now you are forgiven for what you did in the past. I need an explication here and now."

He sighed in relieve and told her the whole story.Eun Mi was taken aback when she heard it but she decided to forgive him.

"But why did you told me that I'm ugly? You know that because of you I lost all my confidence and started to hate men?" she asked as she rested her hands on the railing From behind, woohyun approched her and back hugged her.

"Because I felt like an useless guy who couldn't confess to his crush." he told her as he inhaled her parfume.

"And now? Are you still useless?" asked playfully as she turned to face him and locked her arms around his neck.

"Not anymore. You gave me confidence. Saranghae, Eun Mi-ah!" he said as he lowered his head and locked his lips with hers.

"I love you too, Woohyun!" she whispered between kisses.

- THE END -[/align]

E cel mai siropos lucru pe care l-am scris -____- Imi cer scuze anticipat!



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Post Re: Sorry, I'm not a Cover Girl
interesant ce ai facut aici Alyss


Trebuie sa protezez cu orice pret familia sau prieteni daca nu ii salvez degeaba sunt sef al Familia Vongola!

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