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Hit The Jackpot 
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Sorry that I kept you waiting ; A ; I'm such a lazy creature! >< Here ya go, the next chappie!~
[align=center][font=Comic Sans MS]CHAPTER 7: Target: Make A New Friend[/font]

Yuni’s POV

*Tring!~* Here it goes, the final bell ring! The guys from NU’EST have never come back to class in the end. Pft, for all I care about them getting low grades. I got up from my sit, took my bag and left the classroom. However, in my head, a thought about JR and co. kept lingering. Shoo shoo! I’m not going to think about them.I know I’ll be called a bitch if I do this, but it’s better if I just pretend that we don’t know each other. My only hope is that Ren and Aron won’t start hating me. I received enough hate in my life. I don’t want it anymore.

I kept thinking about some ways to avoid them, but I couldn’t find any. In the end, being ignorant is the only way? Sigh, this is so not like me. I continued to tell myself as I exited the school’s yard. I saw that the bus already arrived in the bus station, but I didn’t feel like getting on. Today, I’m just going to walk, it will take me only 30 minutes anyway. I plugged my headphones on and turned the music on. Much better now!~

After my peacefully walk I have finally arrived home.

“Hi there, dear! How has school?” my mum asked me cheerfully.

“I’m not in the right mood to tell you the details. It was okay.”

Without adding the fact that I’ve got myself into a big mess, made fun of some gangs’ leader, saw him collapsing in the BOYS bathroom and almost getting killed by his friend’s glare. Best, epic, perfect day from my life I could add. My mother would panick for sure if I told her about my awesome experience with NU’EST and JR aka my so-called-enemy.

I opened the door of my room and left it close by itself. I’ve thrown my bag somewhere in the room and I’ve shoved my body on the comfy bed, literally. I’m so damn tired right now.


It’s morning, but I’m in no mood for school. Tiredly, I walked to the bus station looking like a zombie that escaped from a horror movie.

I almost felt asleep on the bus but I woke up just in time. I run to the school’s gates and I made it on time.

Thank you, for destroying my high school life even before starting it, Kim Jonghyun! Aish, stop thinking about that jerk, Yuni! Look what happens if you think too much, idiot! Even though it took me the entire night, I’ve came up with a solution to my problem concerning NU’EST. I need to make a new friend to keep me company and make me avoid NU’EST at any costs!

Right, right! I agreed with myself and I didn’t paid attention when I bumped into someone in the hallway.

“Oops. Sorry. My fault!” I was so tired that I couldn’t even talk properly.

“No problem.” As I took another glace at the guy I’ve just ran into. He looked kind of familiar. He checked me up from head to toe and pointed his index finger at me.

“YOU! The girl from yesterday who made fun of NU’ESTs name! I’m so happy to see you again!”

HUH?! I’m a celebrity in the school already?! Oh, no! I want to run and crawl under a rock or something. I hate getting bad stares and attention. I have enough of Baekho’s killing stare, there’s no need for others to look down on me like I’m some kind of insect.

So I gave him a weird look, pretending that I wasn’t the person that he was talking about.

“You don’t remember me?! I’m the guy who told you about NU’EST. We meet at the lockers!”

Just then a tiny flashback from yesterday came into my mind:

“Excuse me, why is everyone here and not in their classes?” He gave me a ‘what-the-fuck’ look but after a while he smiled.

“What? You don’t know? It’s NU’EST!”

NU’EST?! What’s that? Some poor name for a group of cheerleaders?!

“Well, sorry it’s not my fault that I’m new here!” I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and my words made their way out of it.

“Oh, so you’re a Sophomore. Sorry, I didn’t know.” He gave me a troubled smile.


In that moment, reality hit me in the face! I need a friend and he knows my personality so it will be easier for me.

“Oh! Sorry for not remembering about yesterday. I have a really bad memory.” It’s the truth. I’m not going to lie to someone who’s going to be my friend.

“Don’t apologize! People keep mistaking me and stuff. I’m already used to it by now.” He explained as he starched his neck in a shy way.

“To make up for it, would you like to be my friend? I don’t know anyone from here and it seems like everyone in NU’EST is against me. Especially Baekho and JR.”

Okay, I kind of lied on this one. However, I’m pretty sure that Aron acts kind with everyone despite their appearances and Ren was just being nice with me back then. So it’s not considered as a huge lie, right?

“Can we?! It’s a deal then!” he took my hand and shook it violently.

“Haha, it’s the first time I made such a hyperactive friend.” I said bluntly and his expression suddenly changed in a sad one. He kept his head down and pouted, stoll not letting go of my hand. He even used the puppie eyes thingy. Who could resiste him now? So I decided to continue my sentence “Damn, who am I even kidding. You are actually the first guy friend that I ever had!”

“Really? YAY!” he gave me a quick, but friendly hug. Serious now, what’s up with every guy from this school?! They keep hugging me like their some kind of skinship machines. Am I that attractive? In your dreams, bish, in your dreams! The voice from my head discouraged me.

“By the way, my name is Kim Yuni. I never got your name, so can you tell it to me?”

“Sure! I’m Jang Do Yoon. By the way, when it’s your birthday?”

“26th March. Wae?” I asked surprised.

“Awesome! Then you are my noona!” Do Yoon told me as he hugged my arm. This guy isn’t arrogant but he’s too clangy. Heh, I’m glad that now I have a friend who’ll stick up like glue with me till the end.

Narrator’s POV:

While Yuni and Do Yoon were introducing themselves to each other, NU’EST entered the schools’ doors. Strangely, they were all in a good mood. Ren was constantly trying to avoid Baekho’s hugging habbit, Minhyun was reading a book called “How to be funny in 100 Steps” while Aron and JR were talking about the new hip-hop song that was released a night ago.

“Hey, what’s that?” Ren stopped on his track.

“What is what?” Baekho, who was back-hugging Ren, popped his head up to see better.”Oh that.” He said uninterested as he rested his head on Ren’s shoulder.

“That scumbag is hugging my friend Yuni!” Ren said irritated.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who taught you to talk like that?” Baekho mocked him as if he was his parent.

“I don’t give a fuck! I saw her first. She’s MY friend!” Ren complained leaving everyone speechless, especially Baekho.

JR was surprised as well to see Yuni getting friendly all of a sudden with another guy.

I told myself that I’ll forget about my feelings. But…Why do I feel like punching every guy who gets too close to her?

NU’EST made their way to the lockers where Do Yoon and Yuni were happily chatting.

“Oh no. Troubles!” Yuni whispered as she pointed to NU’EST.

“YAH! I need to talk with you for a second.” Ren said in voice that was darker than his usual self as he looked at Do Yoon.

Andwae, Ren can’t be a mean person. Is he going to beat Do Yoon up?! I need to do something. Yuni panicked a little for her new friend, but Do Yoon saw it.

“Let’s go, noona! Don’t let them bother you!” Do Yoon took Yuni’s hand and dragged her away from Ren and the others.

When they were far away, Ren couldn’t control himself and exploded.

“WHAT THE FUCK?! He fucking stole my friend for real now! I just wanted to greet both of them. AISH!” he stomped his foot as a little kid.

“Chill, Ren-ah! You still have us!” Baekho hanged his arm around his friend’s shoulders.

“Well, for your information, she was my only girl friend! The only girl who was kind with me and called me OPPA! And I’m pretty sure she’s older than me.” Ren pouted as he continued his rant.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get your friend back.” Aron patted his shoulder as he smiled slyly “Right, JR?”

JR woke up from his intense thoughts and his eyes almost fell from their sockets.




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in sfarsit a aparut si urmatorul capitol! thoamneee de cand il asteptam! :)) dar a meritat asteptarea! e genial! :ymsmug: :x :x


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Mムbucur căƒ È›i-a plăƒcut *-* Uff, mムbucur cムîncムmai citeşti ceea ce scriu! Iubesc sムcitesc o păƒrere de la tine de fiecare datăƒ! <3 As a reward, the next chappie is up!

[align=center][font=Comic Sans MS] CHAPTER 8: Aron's plan. Minhyun's secret talent[/font]

Author's POV

“What are you all up to?” JR gave his friends a weird look.

Aron, the mastermind of the plan, answered him with an evil grin.

“You’ll see!~”

In the next moment, Aron took out a piece of paper and a pencil from his jackets’ pocket and started to scribble something on it. Everyone gathered around him and watched how he was trying his best at writing on the paper.

“Do you always carry paper in your pocket?” Ren asked curious.

“Wae? You never know when you’ll get out of paper, duh!” Aron stated but Ren just rolled his eyes when he heard the answer.

“Do you have any idea about what he’s writing on that paper?” JR eyed the others.

“Beats me! I wonder what got into him this time. Last time when he tried to make up a plan we had to hide for an hour in the girls’ bathroom!” Minhyun hissed at his friend, but Aron didn’t even hear him, because he was too concentrated on his paper.

“Haha! Hyungs were stucked there for a while. It was really hilarious.” Ren laughed as he remembered the funny incident.

“YAH! It’s not my fault that the big gangs from South decided to kick out asses because Mr. Genius over there insulted their clothes. At least they had some sense and didn’t check the girls’ bathroom.” Minhyun shivered at the thought of getting in the same trouble again.

“Ren-ah, you were really lucky because they mistook you with a girl!” Baekho stated the truth, making Ren angry again.

“YAH! You don’t want to be forgiven? You forgot that you yelled at me and almost hit me yesterday?!” Ren snapped at him and Baekho’s expression changed. He felt disappointed. He knew that it was his fault and that he shouldn’t discharge his anger on his friend.

“It’s finished!” Aron destroyed the tense atmosphere as he fluttered the paper in the air.

“Great! Now, let me read it!” JR tried to get the paper from Aron’s hand but he moved it quicklier far away from him.

“Na~ah~ha! I’ll be the one who is going to explain it to everyone.” Aron teaser JR and continued “ To find out what just happened with Ren’s friend, Yuni, we need to use my plan! And of course, I noticed that our leader changed after she appeared in the scene! Don’t think that you can fool me!~”

JR was left dumbfounded. How didn’t he know about my feelings that I try to hide and forget?! He wondered.

Aron cleared his trout and proceeded to explaining the plan.

“First of all, JR has to got to class and be extra nice with her.”

“Why in the name of FUCK should I be nice with her?!” JR snapped, but Aron covered his ears quickly.

“She helped you yesterday, dumbass! That’s why! Also, don’t forget to thank her for that.” Aron kept nagging on JR like an umma.

“Yeah, dream on!” JR just shooed Aron’s idea away.

“Ehem. Let’s pretend that Jonghyun agrees with what I just said. Moving on! Ren, you have to keep being the good friend. You can’t afford to lose a friend like her.”

“Roger that, Captain!” Ren saluted.

“Then, if you understood what I said, you are free! This was the plan!” Aron grinned and JR’s jaw dropped.

He is making fun of me?! And I’m the leader. You are a lucky bastard, Aron! If you weren’t by friend, I would have killed you by now. JR kept cursing in his mind.


Yuni was happy that her new friend had the same schedule as her so they were practically inseparable right now. She remembered that she used to be like this in the past, but now it was different. The voice inside her head told her that
Do Yoon was a worth trusty person.

I wonder what is Ren doing?

Even though she promised to herself that she’ll avoid NU’EST by any means, Yuni missed her chatting moment with Ren. Even his unsual hugs were pleasant. She sighed and pouted as she rested her head on the desk. Do Yoon noticed his friend strange behavior and trew a tiny paper on her desk. Yuni’s attention was now directed on the little message that lended on her notebook. She took it quickly and unfolded it.

“Are you okay?” – Do Yoon

“I am fine. Just bored.” – Yuni

“Don’t lie to me! Something is wrong for sure!” – Do Yoon

“Maybe. I don’t know…” – Yuni

Do Yoon sighed as he saw her last message.

Why can’t you be true with yourself, stupid! I already noticed that you got friendly with the guys from NU’EST… Because I kept watching you from afar, since you stood up in front of them. Do Yoon kept his thoughts for himself but couldn’t help and worry about her.

After the boring History Class everyone took their backpacks and exited the room.

“Yuni-ah, are you free after class? Let’s hang out together!” Do Yoon said hyperly, just because he wanted to help her, to get out from this depressing mood.

“I’d like to, but today I’m not really in the mood. I’m sorry, Do Yoon-ah!” Yuni apologized while infamous ‘sorry sorry’ pose.

“Okay, I’ll let it pass this time. See you tomorrow at school! Bye!” Do Yoon gave in and left.

Yuni’s POV

Sigh, now what am I supposed to do? I feel so extra bored right now. I don’t feel like going home yet either. I wondered around school for a while till something caught my attention. A soft tune came from the Music Room.

Listen to this<3: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ure=relmfu</a><!-- m -->

Haengbokaetdeon gieogkkaji geojitmalcheoreom
Cheoeumbuteo eobseotdeon geon anieosseulkka
Eojireounde eojireounde


“All of those happy memories, don’t you think
they never existed in the first place, like a lie?”
I’m so dizzy, I’m so dizzy]

I was drown by the sweet melody than I didn’t realize that I entered the room. To my surprise, the singer was Minhyun. I didn’t know why but I was captivated by his movements. The way his finger moved gently on the piano and his voice getting perfectly with the melody made me wonder if this boy is a gangster for real.

“Did you finish watching my free performance?” he blurted.

Oops. It looks like I just got caught! Without noticing, I started clapping.

“Wow! That was an amazing performance! You should sing more!” I tried to be sincere.

“You have a good personality too? Haha, that’s why Ren likes having a friend like you.”

I didn’t know how to take that: as an insult or as a good feature?!

“It’s something good, so stop staring like me with the serious look. It’s creeping me out!” Minhyun joked with me.

“Do I look that weird when I’m too serious?!” I asked him while getting closer to the piano. I started to lean on to see the piano’s keys better.

“Yes, you do!” He pushed my forehead away from the keys with only one finger.

“YAH! Show some manners when I compliment your piano’s skills!” I massaged my forehead and stucked my tongue out at him.

“Looks who’s talking!”

I realized that I didn’t do the smartest thing in the world and I started laughing. I didn’t feel awkward because in the end Minhyun joined me.

“Heh! It’s been a while since I laughed so much.” I said as I caught my breathe.

“Same here.”

“So, why do you sing after classes?” I asked curiously.

“I like it better this way. It’s peaceful, no one disturbes you. Well, I take that back. You interrupted my lessons today!”

“Hey, hey! Don’t blame me! My ears love good music.” I got my hands up trying to defend myself.

“Okay, I get it! I’ll let it pass this time!” Minhyun said while smiling.

“Then, that means I can’t come next time to watch you singing?” I pouted and tried to use aegyo, but as you know I suck at these things.



And we laughed again, but our little funny show stopped when they got in the room.


FREAAAK! Minhyun's voice is like an angels'. That guy is going to steal lots of hearts when he gets older xD
Thank you for reading!



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de ce nu l-as citi? imi excita retina de fiecare data =)) iubesc povestea asta si mai ales ca e in engleza! :x :x :x ms ptr capitol lil` sis`! :-* hai sa fiu putin lacoma...cand pui urmatorul?? :ymdevil: :)) :ymhug:

GREAT JOB!!! :ymsmug: :ymsmug:


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Post Re: Hit The Jackpot
Apropo there are a few more chapters in my novel that i posted as well if you`re still interested :))


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Mムbucur sムaud asta xD Uhooo! Special pentru tine s-ar putea sムpun douムcapitole astăƒzi >w< Sunt atât de hyper cât văƒd ce feedback bun primesc! YAAAY! *throws hearts*
[align=center][font=Comic Sans MS]Chaper 9: Getting accepted or not?[/font]


Before arriving at the Music Room

Without noticing, this day came to an end. I got up from my sit and went outside to meet up with the guys. Everyone was there expect Minhyun.

“Hey, where’s Minhyun?” I asked curiously.

“I bet his still in the music room. You know that he loves playing the piano by himself.” Aron told me.

It’s a fact. Minhyun is the one who is fascinated the most by music from our group. I’m more into rapping though.

“So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get him and hang out!” I said cheerfully as I hunged my arm around Aron’s and Baekho’s shoulders.

I took a peek at Ren and he was still in that bad mood. Sigh, he should just forget about that little incident. It’s not like she’s the only girl on the Earth. Damn it!

“Ren-yah! Are you coming or not?” Baekho said out loud making Ren to wake up from his intense contemplation.

“HUH?! Y-Yeah! I’m coming!” Ren caught up with us.

No one was in the hallway. Seems like everyone went home already.

Home… A place like that doesn’t exist for me. I’m trapped inside a single apartament by myself after all. Sadness wanted to take control over me once again. No… I can’t… not…again.

“Are you okay, Jonghyun-ah? You look really pale.” Baekho’s voice brought me back to reality.

“You took your meds, didn’t you?” Aron asked with a worried expression.

“Chill out, guys!” I tried to assure them.


“You know better than anyone else that your illness isn’t something to joke around with. As along as you take your medicines, you’ll get healed. You know that we’re always by your side so please have a little faith in us, Leader-yah!” Baekho patted my shoulder.

“Thanks, guys! I don’t kno-“ I didn’t get the chance to finish my line when Ren yelled.

“YAH, guys! Move your asses to the Music Room already! I want to go out and eat, as soon as possible!”

“Aish! Is that the way you talk with your hyungs?” I used my fierce voice and start to run after him.

Bad choice. Everyone knows that Ren’s a great runner. I couldn’t keep up with his pace. AISH!

“Finally we are here!” Ren said enthusiastically.

“I…AM…GOING…TO…KILL…YA!” I tried to catch my breath.

“You are such a disappointment, JR-ah! You’re not fit at all.”

“YAH! STOP JUDGING ME!” My voice cracked at some point making Ren to laugh again. “ASIH! I’m going crazy!”

“Talking about people going crazy.Look! Minhyun’s in the Music room and he’s laughing by himself!” Aron pointed.

As we entered the Music Room we saw that he wasn’t by himself at all. She was there again. It’s strange how everywhere I go, she’s there too.

I wanted to yell at both of them, but I could bring myself to do it. I opened my mouth to shout at them, but someone else did it in my place.

“WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?!” Baekho yelled angrily at both of them.

Yuni’s POV

I was having a great time till the gang decided to destroy it.

“Wow, can’t you see? We’re just talking and laughing together like two normal highschoolers.” I stated the obvious, but it seems like he wasn’t pleased with my answer because in the next moment he shot me a glare that said ‘Who-asked-you?! Get lost!’.

“Relax, guys! Yuni just watched me playing the piano and she was fascinated by my skills.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, Minhyun-ah!” I slapped his arm in a playfull way.


I got starled by that voice. I wanted to turn back but I was surprised by a sudden back hug.


I didn’t know he was so childish, but I have to admit that he was rather cute when he pouted and stomped his foot on the floor.

“Ren-ah… You should know by now that you have better friends than me.”

Stupid, you know that you don’t mean what you say. I know better than everyone else that ‘true friendship’ doesn’t exist. Still, I don’t want to hurt Ren or to get hurt by what might happen after we get to know each other better…

“NO! I DON’T WANT OTHER FRIENDS!” he stomped his foot again “The guys and Yuni-ah are enough for me.”

His worlds melted my heart. Maybe… Maybe… I should step on my stupid pride and get new friend… I’ll do it on my own risk.

“Okay! You win this time! Don’t come at me crying when you’ll see my trueself together with my flaws!” I crossed my arms as I warned him.

“YAY! My friend is still my friend!” Ren jumped up and down.

“Then, welcome to the NU’EST family!” Aron approached me and patted my shoulder.

“So from now on, you’ll stick together with us? Sigh, seriously.” Minhyun tried to act as he didn’t care but I could see through his charade all along. He was smiling in secret.

“I’m against it.”

“Me too.”

Of course, I couldn’t expect less from Baekho and JR who opposed to this decision.

“Whatever. As long as Aron, Minhyun and Ren consider me their friend, I don’t need someone’s opinions.”

I ended my pleading I exited the room and went to my locker. If they aren’t going to accept me that fine by me. It’s not like I’m going to pay them to be my friends, it’s their own choice.

Inside, I was really happy. I finally have more friends.

Author’s POV

Inside the Music Room, JR and Baekho were left without words.

*What did Aron, Minhyun and Ren just do?!* JR couldn’t believe what he heard.

*They just dug their own grave?! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to accept that girl.* Baekho tried to calm himself down.

“Guys, what’s wrong with you? She’s just a girl who’s different from the others. Why can’t you accept her?” Aron asked as a matter of fact.

“I have to admit that I didn’t want to get along with her, but when she came here and talked about my music, something told me that she was sincere.” Minhyun added.

“Yuni is a good friend. She befriend me despite my appearance!” Ren continued to stand up for his only girl friend.

“AISH! ENOUGH! I get it! She’s all great and stuff for all of you, but I just don’t care.” Baekho hissed and eyed JR “Don’t you feel the same?”

“I’m… not sure about my feelings either.” He answered with a sad face.

Baekho smirked and rolled his eyes at JR’s answer.

“Pathetic.” He whispered as he left the room by himself.[/align]

Enjoy as much as you can!~ Hearts from Alyss! <3




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In sf ieeeeiiii capitol nou care e la fel de genial ca si restul!!! :x :x :x :x bafta si sa fie cat mai lunga povestirea ta ca e ft interesanta! :x :ymhug:


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Just for my loyale reader, Mya! <3

[align=center][font=Comic Sans MS]CHAPTER 10: Quality Time[/font]

Yuni’s POV

Something unexpected happened yesterday. Even though I told myself that the best choice was to avoid them by any means, they offered to be my friends. Right now, I can’t say no anymore.

Maybe it won’t be that bad to have some gangster friends?

I literary face palmed myself. This is never going to be a good idea. Let’s start by not judging them because of the gang thingy. I tried to encourage myself. It just surprise me that Aron, Ren and Minhyun weren’t affected by my words. Maybe they hit their heads yesterday when they decided to be my new friends. I shrugged my shoulders. I should stop thinking so much about these things. I should just enjoy my school life and full stop.

It was already my third day at Pledis High, but I’ve got bored of this place already. I wonder why I was so eager to come to this school in the first place. As I entered the school’s gates, I was suddenly greeted by Aron who patted my shoulder.

“Morning, new chingu!” He smiled at me. I took my headphones out of my ears and answered to his smile.

“Morning to you too, Aron!”

“Why are you calling Ren oppa but not me?!” He took me by surprise by this sudden question, leaving me speechless.

“Do you want me to call you oppa that much?” I gave him a strange look.

“YES! I mean ‘Ne’.” he answered in English, but swiched back to Korean.

I continued to give him that confused look till he started to tell me the whole story.

“I’m actually from Los Angeles, USA. So English is my main language and I tend to confuse it with Korean sometimes. “ he scratched his neck in a awkward way.

“No problem! So you know English? That’s awesome!” I tried to say in my non-english accent but I failed, making Aron to grin uncontrollable at me.

“YAH, hyung! Stop hitting on my chingu!” I could hear Ren yelling from far away. I turned my back to wave to him and I saw that he was with Minhyun and the others. When they almost reached us I said ‘hello’ to Baekho and JR too, but they ignored me.

Heh, arrogant bastards.
I said to myself as I stucked my tongue out at them. Seems like JR read my mind and in that moment he turned his back at us and saw me grimacing at him.

“Don’t make that face or you’ll look like that forever!” he told me with that stupid smirk plastered on his face. Aish! I want to punch that pretty face of his right now. Pretty?! What am I saying?! I face palmed myself again.

“Yuni-ah! Why are you slapping yourself?” Ren asked me confussed.

“Nothing! Nothing! Let’s go to our class. What do you have on your first period? Mine is Biology.” I tried to change the awkward topic.

“I’ve History.” Ren pouted.

“I’ve Music as my first period.” Minhyun told me “You are on your own, chingu!” he tried to comfort me by patting my shoulder.

“I have Geography and my class is close to the Biology laboratory. Would you let me take you there?”

“Haha, you’re funny Aron oppa. Why are you asking for permission?! Let’s go! See you at the lunch time, guys!”

My first impression about Aron didn’t changed. The fact that he’s a gentleman and a kind person. I only hope that these are his true colors and not a facade.

“There’ s the laboratory.” He pointed to a room where students started to gather. “Have fun, killing frogs!”

“Eww, it’s called dissection! And I’ll never do that!” I shouted a little so he could hear me properly.

“Yeah, yeah. See ya!”

Sigh. Sometimes I wonder how I eneded up in this situation.

As I entered the laboratory, I saw that almost every single chair was taken. There was an empty spot next to this kid who was sleeping but the Biology book covered his face.

“Can I sit here?” I asked politely.

It looks like this guy was sleeping for a while because he didn’t answer me at all. I shook him a little and the book dropped on the floor accidentally. My face felt when I saw who my ‘laboratory mate’ was.

“Aish, now you’re trying to hunt me in my dreams too? Isn’t my life enough for you to disturb?”

“Don’t think of yourself as an important person.” I answered him as I sat down.

“Your all mighty personality appairs again. Interesting.” He smirked.

“Funny, your stupid smirk appaired again on your face. And guess what? It looks the same as last time I saw it. Stupid.”

His expression changed and for a minute I thought he’ll comeback at me with some heavy words. I was saved when the teacher entered the class. As my daily rutine, I introduced myself to the class. It’s not like they were going to remember my name or face. What a waste of time…

The teacher didn’t pay me too much attention either and she started talking her so-interesting-lesson about Cardiovascular Diseases. She kept talking like there was no ending.

“And now, let’s take some notes.”

What the epic heck?! I checked my wrist watch and there were only 10 more minutes of this period. I took a peek at JR and he was soundly sleeping. Looks who is enjoying his school life at its full potential. I rolled my eyes and prepared my hand for writing with my greatest speed.

I couldn’t feel my fingers after this hellish ten minutes.

“Yawn! The best class ever!” JR finally woke up.

“Only for you. I swear that my fingers will drop in any second because of the amount of notes that I’ve wrote in the past 10 minutes.” I complained.

“Haha, newbie! Who is stupid enough to write every damn thing that hag says.”

“Indeed, but we’ll need them for the final exam.”

“Bullshit.” JR dismissed.

I started to laugh at his lack of interest.

“We need to chill and enjoy our youth.” He added.

“Wow, you sound like an old man.” I teased.

He glared at me, but I couldn’t control myself and started laughing out loud. He couldn’t bear seeing me laugh alone so he joined me. In the next moment I realized that I was having a conversation with the fierce looking JR, the leader of the most feared gang from our school. Unbelieveable.

He stopped laughing too. I bet he realized that we were talking like two normal people, forgetting about all the crap from the past two days. I have to admit that it was a pleasant chit-chat. I tried to say something again, but JR stood up and left the room without a word.

Have I done something wrong this time too?![/align]

Side note:
Chingu = the korean word for 'friend'

Uwah! I wonder why I feel so proud of this chapter? :/ Maybe because I had a lot of fun writing the chit-chatting part between Yuni and JR? ~
I try to make them be friends quicklier xD Yeah, yeah! I know, I'm speeding the things up too much... OTL
But it's so unfair for her, right? D: JR is being nice with her without noticing lol The power of love, heh? =D



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Post Re: Hit The Jackpot
ieeeeiiii lucky! nu stiu ce am facut bine de am meritul sa primesc atatea capitole unul dupa altul dar nu ma plang! =)) ms mult de capitol! :ymhug: e genial si il ador! :x :x :x neeeext!(stiu cat pot sa fiu de lacoma! tell me when to stop! =)) )


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Post Re: Hit The Jackpot
I like it when my readers are gready xDD

[align=center][font=Comic Sans MS]CHAPTER 11: Childish lunch time?![/font]

Author’s POV

JR speeded outside of the Biology Laboratory without any notice.

*What just happened right now?* he kept asking himself.

*Something inside me tells me to trust her. Why can’t I fallow what my heart tells me?!* JR punched the locker next to him making the other students from the hallway to turn their heads.

“What’s wrong with him? Did someone angered him again?” a short girl gossiped with her friend, but JR heard her. He shot her a dark glare and the girl froze on the spot.

“We are sorry!” the girl and her friend bowed to JR and disappeared.

*They got scared of me again.* He smirked and ruffled his hair. Suddenly an image of Yuni who stood up against him appeared before his eyes.

*Now I get it. I felt for her because she isn’t like the other girls. She didn’t get scared of me… she didn’t avoid me…*

“ Aish! I feel so confused right now.” JR yelled out loud.

“Confused about what?” someone suddenly asked him.

JR turned his back and saw who the owner of that voice was.

“What are you doing here? Wasn’t your classroom somewhere else?” JR started bombing him with a lot of questions.

“Chill out, bro!” Aron said in English “For your information, I had Geography as my first period in that classroom.” He said as he pointed to a room which was close enough to the Biology Laboratory.

“I’m sorry, Aron.” JR said as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “I have a lot of things traveling around in my head right now.”

“Like what? Let Hyung help you.” Aron said as he hanged his arm around JR’s shoulders.

“NO.WAY!” he said as he tried to get Aron off him.

“Come on, don’t be like this! I bet it’s about Yuni-ah!” Aron guessed and a smirk appeared on his face as he noticed that JR’s expression changed after he mentioned Yuni’s name.

*So I was right.* He said to himself and continued to play along.

“What happened this time? Did you two have a friendly fight again?”

“Since when did I start to be her friend? It’s… suddenly so strange. We talked like two normal people.” JR explained to his friend this unknown feeling.

“Oh! I get it now!” Aron patted his shoulder “ Yuni did that without noticing, because that her true self.”

“Can you explain how did you know that?”

“I’m just good at reading and observing people.”

Were Aron’s last words as he waved goodbye to his friend, leaving him more confused that he already was. With a vexed expression plastered on his face, JR exited the scene, lost again in his thoughts.

Yuni’s POV

I couldn’t explain what happened with JR back then. Maybe he had something urgent to do or maybe he dislikes me that much that he can’t stay in the same room as me. I shrugged my shoulders, ignoring his strange behavior. The classes passed by quickly. I didn’t have Ren or Minhyun in any of my classes yet. I must ask them about their schedule next time.

It was finally the lunch time. And I was happy that I could meet them now.

” It’s so boring to be by yourself. “ I whispered to myself.

“Even if I am here?” someone’s voice startled me.

“Do Yoon! You scared me!” I said as I tried to calm down my heartbeats.

He just gave an apologetical smile and grabbed my hand.

“Hurry up! Let’s go and get a table for us on the Cafeteria.” He said energetically.

I smiled. I can’t ever keep up with his hyper self so I let him to drag me to the Cafeteria. My eyes widen when I saw how many people where there. They weren’t so many yesterday when I ate here?! Luckily, I spotted Ren, Aron and Minhyun waving at me from a table that had two more free sits.

“Let’s go to that table!” I dragged Do Yoon this time to NU’ESTs’ table.

“Yuni-ah!” Ren called me and I saw his usual smiling face. However, when he saw Do Yoon his expression changed. “What is he doing here?!” he hissed as he pointed at Do Yoon.

“I bet you still you don’t know each other that well, so let me introduce him to you. He’s Do Yoon, my friend. Do Yoon, meet my other friends: Ren, Aron oppa and Minhyun.”

I could read this atmosphere pretty well. It was more than awkward. I was relieved when Aron decided to break the ice and start the conversation all over again.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Aron, but I bet you already knew that.” He scratched his neck in an awkward way but continued to smile.

“I’m Minhyun. It’s surprising that Yuni has other friends than us.”

“Yah! What is that supposed to mean?” I crossed my arm.

“Whatever you want it to mean.” Minhyun told me non-chalantely.

Did JR’s sarcasm grow on him too?! Considering Minhyun’s personality, he won’t resist much playing the cold villain. He’s just trying to show off. I rolled my eyes at him and waited for Ren to say something, but he didn’t.

“Ren-ah, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you saying anything?” I crooked my head at him.

“Just…. Just because I don’t want to be friends with him.” He said and stood up “Yuni-ah, you are my friend and he tries to steal you away from me. I can’t accept this!”

Ren suddenly came to my side and shoved Do Yoon, not too powerful, away from me.

“Shoo shoo! She is MY friend!”

He acts so spoiled sometimes, but you can’t ever hate him for this.

“I get it Ren-ah, but Do Yoon is a good friend too. Why don’t you give him a chance?”

He eyed Do Yoon one more time and looked into my eyes.

“I’m doing this just because you asked me to.” He said as he went back to his sit.

In the end, the lunch time was really funny. Ren tried to play a prank on Do Yoon but I caught him red handed and I ‘forced’ him to gave up on his idea. Do Yoon didn’t say anything at all. He is so easy to tease and bully. I feel like protecting him from this, because in the past I went through the same situation, when I couldn’t talk back to these who bullied me.

The bell rang and everyone when to their own classes. I was walking alone in the hallway when suddenly someone pinned me to the wall.

“What the-. THAT HURT!” I complained. I raised my head to see who this imbecile was.


“I have something to tell you.” JR interrupted me as his eyes were staring into mine.[/align]

NOOOW! Let's see if you can guess what he wants to tell her... ;;) Try and guess!~ ^-^



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Post Re: Hit The Jackpot
Yeeeiiiii capitol nou!!!! love it!!! :x :x :x :x thaanks ca nu ma faci prea mult sa mine... =)) =)) next!!! ;;)

PS: New chapter is on! :ymsmug: :))


Sat Aug 25, 2012 7:26 pm
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